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Crisps & Savoury Snacks

Our healthy range of guaranteed gluten-free crisps and snacks.


High-protein pea-based crisps.

Inspiral Kale Chips

Kale chips in different flavours.

Gluten Free Eat Real

Tasty crisps made from pulses.


Gluten-free crisps and popcorn. in compostable packaging.


Gluten-free corn crisps.

Ten Acre Crisps

Vegan and gluten-free.

Banana Joe

Five delicious flavours and completely gluten-free.

Munchy Seeds

Tasty, toasted seeds. Ideal for snacking or sprinkling onto dishes.

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Munchy Seeds (13)
Mrs Crimble's (11)
Eat Real (8)
Barkat (6)
Trafo (5)
Ten Acre (4)
Banana Joe (3)
Calbee (2)
Selwyns (1)
Yushoi (1)


Organic (6)
Gluten-Free (33)
Dairy-Free (15)
Vegan (31)

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