Dried pure garlic granules and flakes.

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Garlic Granules 100g (Hampshire Foods)

This product is temporarily out of stock.
RRP was: £2.49

Pure Garlic Granules/Flakes

  • Dry roasted garlic fragments.
  • Adds distinct garlic flavour to any dish.
  • An alternative to garlic bulbs.
  • Stores well for over a year - an excellent cupboard ingredient.
These garlic granules have been gently dried and are ready to add to any dish you cook. Simply add a small sprinkling to the pan, either whilst frying or add to a warming sauce or stock. Garlic granules give a fantastic distinct garlic flavour and you should find a little goes a long way.

These garlic granules are completely pure - free from preservatives.


Use these garlic granules in place of normal garlic in your cooking. Add a pinch of granules to the pan whilst frying, simmering or warming. The earlier you add the granules, the more they will flavour the dish.

You can also sprinkle these garlic granules into salads, or onto meats or vegetables for roasting.
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100% Garlic. Produce of China For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Vegetarian, Vegan.

RRP was: £2.49

This product is temporarily out of stock.

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