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Essential Christmas Recipes

Get prepared for Christmas with our essential collection of Christmas recipes! We have lots of recipes to help your big day go off without a hitch - including our popular Honey Glazed Gammon recipe!


Yuletide Chocolate Log

This moist, chocolate dessert cake recipe is gluten-free and sweetened with coconut sugar! We achieved the creamy filling with chestnut puree and Morello cherry jam.


Gingerbread House

Gingerbread is one of the classic tastes of Christmas. This is a great recipe to make with children and it makes a wonderful centrepiece! We decorated our house with spices, nuts and butter cream. You can adapt decorations to your own preferences and use sweeties, freeze dried fruit, icing and seeds!


Gluten Free Christmas Pudding

This is a great gluten-free recipe for a traditional fruit pudding. It combines all the traditional festive flavours of Christmas. We skipped the booze but if you really want you can add a dash of brandy during the mixing process. This pudding can be made weeks in advance and steamed on the day!


Christmas Fruit Cake

A lighter golden version of the tradition British Christmas Cake recipe. This fruity festive favourite comes packed with raisins, cranberries, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice. Best of all it is entirely gluten free! This recipe can be adapted for your own preference. Use your own choice of dried fruit, nuts and citrus zest to make your perfect Christmas cake.


Honey Glazed Gammon

Gammon is not just for Christmas, but it wouldn't really be Christmas without a gammon. This is a traditional recipe for cooking a gammon, but we have added some Healthy Supplies ingredients to put our spin on a traditional favourite!


Cranberry and Pistachio Nut Roast (via

Nut roast is the vegetarianís turkey; some crave something different but for others itís not Christmas without one. Whether youíre a lover or a hater, this one is different: it has a flavoursome mushroom risotto base and sticky cranberries on top, a bit like a savoury upside-down cake.


Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Cranberries and Pecans (via

We guarantee everyone will eat their greens with this amazing roasted sprouts recipe. Make sure you stock up on maple syrup and vanilla extract!


Stewed Red Cabbage (via

Stewed red cabbage makes a wonderful side dish and tastes great served with bubble and squeak on boxing day! Don't forget to stock up on your cinnamon and allspice!


Mince Pie Tray Bake

This recipe is a modern twist on a classic recipe. A sweetly spiced fruity slice with a marzipan layer! Don't forget to stock up on our Organic Mincemeat (no added sugar).


Mulled Cider with Pomegranate

For us, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without mulled cider. This recipe is one of our favourites because it literally fills us with the festive spirit. It couldnít be simpler to make either! We recommend making a big batch of it when you have friends round, trust us it will go down a treat!

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