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Dried Pulses

A large family sized bag of organic aduki beans.
Introductory Price !
Organically grown black beans.
A generous family bag of Organic Turtle Beans.
Laser cleaned, specially sorted calypso beans.
Organic whole brown lentils. Tasty and easy to cook.
Organically sourced white cannelini beans.
A generous bag or organically produced chickpeas.
Organically sourced black chickpeas.
Chunky and firm with a succulent centre. French Lentils (aka Puy Lentils) are excellent in salads and hold their shape in soups much like beans do.
Special offer! Was: £3.99
Organic Green Split peas are dried halved green peas. They are full of protein and have a very mild sweetness.
White, oval, creamy beans. Ideal for salads, stews, chilli dishes or even homemade baked beans.
A Large Bag of Organic Mung Beans
Mung beans have a mild nutty flavour when cooked and can be sprouted into bean sprouts!
Organically grown mung beans. Suitable for soups, salads and sprouting.
Organically sourced, easy cook lentils. Add to soups, curries and other vegetable dishes.
A generous family bag of organic soya beans.
Organically Grown Yellow Split Peas
High in protein, easy to cook and very tasty.

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