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Dried & Instant Everyday Vegetables

Here is our range of dried, freeze-dried and dehydrated vegetables, for easy and convenient cooking.
Buy 3 or more for £2.42 each
100% Pure Onion Pieces
Large pieces of dried and chopped white onion. It can be used instead of normal onion and stores for a long time.
Buy 3 or more for £2.84 each
Sweet and flavoursome dried red bell pepper. Add to soups, sauces, dressings and even bread dough for a more Mediterranean flavour.
Buy 3 or more for £2.84 each
Sweet and very slightly subtler in flavour than the red. Green dried bell peppers are suitable for soups, sauces, curries, boiling with rice, and adding to salads.
Buy 3 or more for £3.32 each
Organically-grown in Turkey. These organic tomatoes are also available in a 1kg bag. These are dry and lightly salted.
Buy 3 or more for £2.46 each
Made from antioxidant rich, low-carb fresh Cauliflower with tomatoes, olives, garlic and oregano
Buy 3 or more for £2.46 each
Made from 100% Par-cooked Cauliflower. Ready to eat in 3 minutes. Highly convenient, lower carb meal. Ideal for those wanting a filling, meat free meal. Good for weight loss.

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