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Miracle Noodles

Miracle Noodles have a great range of low carb products ranging from penne to rice! These are known in Japan as shirataki noodles and are made from Konjac, which is an almost calorie-free natural fibre of a native asian vegetable. Their range is gluten-free and vegan friendly! Best of all each pack is only 10 calories and contains no cholesterol!


"Better Than" Noodles

Low-calorie Konjac noodles • Only 9 calories per 100g (compared to 158 for regular pasta!) • Boils in 5 minutes or microwave in 1 minute
Low-calorie spaghetti.

Other Noodles

Noodles that actually help you lose weight.

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Only 39 cals per base!

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Low Calorie Spaghetti, Organic 385g (Better Than)

Thick low-calorie noodles.

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