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A sweet, yummy snack made with raw fruit and nuts.
Created by Caroline Fernandes.

Cranberry, Date & Walnut Fruit Log - Recipe

Simple to make Raw Fruit and Nut Log

- no added sugar, no added fat, wheat-free snack!

This fruity, nutty log is quick to make, particularly if you have a food processor. Slices can be cut whenever you like and eaten on their own or with other food. The only sweetness comes from the fruit itself so you won't need to add any sugar. We used Infinity Foods Organic Cranberries, which are naturally sweetened with apple juice and have a small amount of sunflower oil to aid packing. These together with the dates provide enough moisture to help the log mix stick together.

Exact measures are not really necessary for this recipe. Eyesight and personal taste are a better guide. However, to give you some idea of proportions we used roughly one third of each ingredient, with perhaps a few extra dates to make the mix a bit more sticky.


Dates, Cranberries and Walnuts. We used Infinity Foods Select Dates, Infinity Foods Organic Cranberries and Tree of Life Walnut Halves.

Method for Making the Fruit Log:

First blitz the dates and cranberries. We recommend using the pulse mode so that the fruit is more evenly chopped. Then gradually add the walnuts, once again, using pulse mode. Give the whole mix a final blast. The mix should resemble moist cake crumbs or broken Christmas Pudding.

Tip onto a large dinner plate or into a bowl and begin to squash the mix together. You may want to use slightly damp hands (like you would when forming meatballs) to stop the mix from sticking to your hands. Knead the mix together as if you were making bread or pastry. Form into a rough ball. Cover a board or flat surface with a generous piece of cling film. Then place the ball into the centre of the film. Begin forming a sausage shape before wrapping the film around. Continue rolling with both hands. From time to time tap both ends of the 'sausage' onto the board to flatten them and carry on rolling until an even cylinder is produced. The log is ready!

To keep your log moist, we recommend that you wrap it in cling film in addition to storing inside a freezer bag or airtight container.

Suggested uses for our Cranberry, Date & Walnut Fruit Log:

  • Cut a slice for a snack.
  • Fruity accompaniment to cheese.
  • Roll a slice into a base for a dessert.
  • Cover with dark chocolate for a sweet treat.
If you aren't lucky enough to own a food processor, we suggest making use of a cheese/vegetable grater, potato masher, and rolling pin (for the walnuts). Improvisation with other household implements is up to you!

What makes this a great snack?

The fruit sugars and protein in the nuts make for a sustaining snack, which provide both fibre (the dates and cranberries) and Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid (the walnuts).

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Home Page  >  Healthy Recipes  >  Cupcakes & Sweet Snacks  >  Cranberry, Date & Walnut Fruit Log - Recipe

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