Christmas Fruits, Nuts & Ingredients

Christmas Cake, mince pies, chestnut stuffing, pickles, stollen, home-made chocolates, ginger biscuits, honey glazed ham, the list goes on... we have a large range of fine quality ingredients to help you create extra special dishes for this festive time of year.




Mixed Glace Fruit

A popular fruit treat, perfect for decorating cakes and desserts.
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Christmas is a busy time for the humble cranberry. It is used traditionally with roast turkey as a sauce or stuffing. It is also used in Christmas pudding, fuit cakes and mice pies. We sell dried and freeze-dried cranberries.


We sell baby and soft, moistened figs which are deliciously sweet and are excellent for any fruit tart or cake. Figs are a common health food due to their high fibre content.

Raisins, Sultanas & Currants

We have a vast collection of raisins and sultanas. These are heavily used in fruit cake mixes and mice pie recipes. For savoury options, why not add to a Moroccan curry or stew.


A popular sweet fruit that is often enjoyed either in puddings or on its own as finger food. They are soft and squashy and high in fibre.


Prunes are dried plums of particular plum species. Prunes are one of the highest-fibre fruits and are available in pre-soaked form as well as dry form. We only sell un-sorbated prunes. Ideal to add moisture, flavour and sweetness to Christmas Puddings.


Apricots are another sweet and moreish fruity treat. All of our apricots are free from sulphur dioxide which means they are soft, moist and sweet. These can also become the base for mince pies, fruit cakes and fruit tarts.


Cherries are a rich and sweet tasting fruit. These are often included in fruit cakes, mince pie recipes and go superbly with chocolate!

Organic Lemon Rings

Beautiful preserved lemon rings, perfect for adorning festive bakes!

Citrus Fruit (Dried or Preserved)

Oranges, Lemons & Lime. Including candied peel and natural flavourings.

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All of our full dried fruit and freeze dried fruit can be found here!

Nuts in Shell





Chestnuts are a naturally sweet and satisfying nut. Roast chestnuts are one of the highlights of bitterly cold winter months. They can be eaten as a snack, or added to stuffing or even bread and cake recipes.


Almonds are wonderfully sweet. It is thanks to almonds that marzipan, macaroons and amaretti exist which are enjoyed often over the festive period. Ground almonds can also be added to pastry and cake recipes.

Pecan Nuts

Pecan nuts can be used in cooking or for snacking. Pecan pie, for example, is a firm favourite. Pecan nuts are a little like walnuts.


We supply pure, unadulterated walnuts. Also walnut pieces.


Pop some pistachios in a bowl for people to snack on and you'll see how fast they disappear. We supply ready-shelled pistachio nuts to save hassle (they are also salt-free). We also provide salted snack pistachios of the traditional kind.

Mixed Nuts

Ready-shelled nuts in manageable packets to use in baking and for snacking.

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Add crunch & depth to your recipes
Our full selection of nuts, chopped nuts, nut meal and nut puree can be found here...





Cloves are probably the strongest flavour in most mulled wine. You can optionally grind the cloves finely before adding them to the wine, otherwise they tend to float around. Or, you can push the cloves into segments of orange before putting the whole lot in the pot.


You can add a whole nutmeg to the pot of mulled wine, though the flavours will be more noticeable if you grate the nutmeg into the pot.


Allspice is a single spice, but it tastes rather like a mixture of spices which is why it is called allspice. It is useful in mulled wine, as it has a general pleasing spiciness.


Vanilla is like nothing else, having a unique flavour all of its own. It is the flavouring used in custard, as well as ice-cream and many desserts and confectionery. Vanilla is incredibly expensive due to its scarcity, but hopefully you will find our prices reasonable.

Cinnamon and Cassia

Cinnamon and cassia are quite similar. Cinnamon is usually used in mulled wine, but cassia is similar and usually just fine.

Cocoa (Cacao) & Carob

We supply cocoa in cocoa powder, cocoa butter and "cacao nibs", which are basically bits of cocoa bean. Cocoa is the main ingredient of chocolate.


Ginger (Powdered)

This form of ginger is also used in cooking, baking and sweet-making. Try making some ginger bread men or adding some heat to your mince meat recipe.

Lemon & Orange Peel

Lemon and Orange peels in freeze-dried, dried and candied forms.

Star Anise

Star Anise is similar in flavour to aniseed, and is commonly used in Chinese cooking, as well as in India. It can be crushed or used whole, and is a very strong spice with many medicinal uses. Star anise is also used in mulled wine, and does have a slightly more "Christmassy" flavour than normal aniseed.

Pickling Spice

Pickling spice is generally added to vinegar which is then used to preserve pickles.

Flavourings: Extracts & Powders


Extracts, Oils & Essences

Delicious natural liquid flavourings..
These can be added to cakes, icing and creamy desserts to help enhance other flavours in the recipe. We have a growing range of extracts & essences including Orange Blossom Essence, Rose Water, Vanilla Extract and many other superior quality extracts from Nielsen Massey.

Cocoa Butter, Powder & Carob

Bitter sweet & chocolatey...
We supply cocoa in the form of cocoa powder and "cacao nibs", which are basically bits of cocoa bean. Cocoa is the main ingredient of chocolate.


Sweet vanilla seeds & extract of vanilla..
Vanilla is like nothing else, having a unique flavour all of its own. We list both the vanilla pod, and extract.
It is the flavouring used in custard, as well as ice-cream and many desserts and confectionery.

Ginger (Sweet)

Sweet, soft and mildly spiced..
Ginger that has been sweetened is generally used in baking and desserts.

Uses: Its soft fruity texture and flavour makes sweet ginger ideal for fruit cakes, gingerbread recipes and other desserts.

Almond: Flour, Flakes, Puree & Roasted

A naturally sweet nut with a thousand uses..
Healthy Supplies offer a range of almonds that have been prepared for you unblanched, flaked and powdered.

Chestnut: Flour, Puree & Roasted

Sweet chestnut puree, flour & whole
Chestnuts are highly nutritious, and are a particularly low-calorie nut. Surprisingly, they are quite high in Vitamin C. They have a sweet flavour and compliment various cake and sweet recipes very well. Chestnut puree is comonly used in gluten free baking.

Cinnamon (Ground)

Warming spice that compliments sweets..
This is the "sweet" form of cinnamon, which is suited to cakes, sweets and mulled wine. It originates from Madagascar. Commonly, cinnamon is enjoyed with apple, custard and biscuits. Nutmeg is a dried nut. It can be used to flavour baking and cooking. Ground or grated, it has a unique flavour.


Other Christmas Ingredients


Jams and Fruit Spreads

Find a free-from, vegan or organic version of your traditional festive condiments.

Baking Essentials

Flour blends, Baking Powder, Sugars, Syrups, Ground nuts.

Chocolates & Confectionery

Healthy Chocolates and other sweet options.

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