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Cacao & Cocoa Butter

Mix with raw cacao powder to make raw chocolate. Can be used in place of regular cocoa butter.
Buy 3 or more for 18.04 each
Pure Organic Cacao Butter
Aromatic base for chocolate making. Processed at low temperatures which preserves the goodness and flavour.
Buy 3 or more for 11.39 each
Top quality Organic Cacao Butter. These highly aromatic buttons are the basis for chocolate making.
Buy 3 or more for 9.49 each
Blocks of pure raw cocoa butter - Ready to melt and make chocolate and smoothies. Organically grown.

Cocoa Butter

Regular cocoa butter for chocolate-making.
Buy 3 or more for 6.64 each
Pure Organic Cocoa Butter - Starter Pack
The aromatic basis for all your chocolate making!
Buy 3 or more for 16.63 each
Special Offer: Was: 18.99
Pure Organic Cocoa Butter
Bulk bag for chocolate making enthusiasts.

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