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Healthy Supplies: Brendan and Caroline Fernandes

  Hi, we're Brendan and Caroline Fernandes. We're not fitness fanatics by any means; we are just ordinary people who want to try to improve our own health by making simple healthy choices wherever possible. And we also really like our food.

We set up Healthy Supplies because of our interest in the products. We're a small business, and we like to sell things that we believe in, and that aren't commonly available elsewhere. We hope that you like the range that we have put together.

Despite being a small business, we are very organised, and able to offer excellent customer service.

You can read more about us below. You can also ask us questions, either by leaving a comment using the links on the right of each page, or by contacting us. We are very amenable to question-asking!

Caroline Fernandes

Caroline Fernandes grew up in Cardiff, Wales, and gained a degree in Education at Goldsmiths College, London, before becoming a primary schoolteacher in South London. She then started up a business manufacturing educational products for children, as well as gaining experience working for a wide range of companies including Shell, KPMG, Channel 4 and Express Chemist.

Despite having worked in some corporate environments, Caroline remains very normal and down-to-earth. Her penchant for crispbread was the main driving factor in setting up Healthy Supplies, as she could never find her favourite varieties.

Caroline also likes to paint, sculpt and pole-dance.


Brendan Fernandes

Brendan Fernandes grew up in South London and gained a degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University. Having worked in a range of diverse industries including film-making, banking and information services, he ended up creating the website for Express Chemist, one of the UK's first and most successful online pharmacies. Eventually becoming a co-owner and Managing Director, Brendan gained the skills required to run a large online retail operation.

Brendan eventually decided to set up Healthy Supplies with Caroline after they both became bored of the range of healthy options available in the normal shops.

Brendan is a keen advocate of free thought and free speech, and spends a lot of his spare time campaigning for the right to be harmlessly eccentric, and other freedom issues. Brendan is a great believer in encouraging people to think things through for themselves, and to work stuff out instead of being told what to do.

Brendan also likes to write songs.

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Home Page  >  Information  >  Brendan and Caroline Fernandes

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