Bouquet Garni

Normally the Bouquet Garni would be a hand tied bunch of fresh herbs added into liquid to help provide flavour to stock or sauce whilst simmering. When fresh herbs are either out of season (e.g.Parsley) or unavailable then the dried herbs are an invaluable resource. There is no single recipe for the bouquet garni, except that it usually contains Bay Leaves, Thyme and Parsley.

You can make-your-own bouquet garni using a small square of muslin (or other cotton material) tied with cotton thread or kitchen string. Herbs such as Tarragon can be added to the bundle as this herb compliments chicken and fish dishes. Rosemary is well-suited to darker meats.

Ready-Made Bouquet Garni

Make-Your-Own Bouquet Garni

Bay Leaves 10g (Hampshire Foods)

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Parsley 50g (Hampshire Foods)

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Rosemary 50g (Hampshire Foods)

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Tarragon 50g (Hampshire Foods)

Thyme 50g (Hampshire Foods)

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