Often, our first thoughts of sprouted seeds in food come from childhood memories of egg and cress sandwiches on summer picnics. Then as adults, many of us eat ‘bean sprouts’ in stir-fries with noodles. These are the older brothers and sisters of the young sprouted mung bean. Seeds that have begun to sprout are just at that critical point of growth where they are producing high levels of nutrients such as Chlorophyll, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Phosphorous, Magnesium and Potassium. This makes them a useful addition to the diet.

Seeds that germinate quickly, and are therefore great for beginners, are alfalfa, lentil and mung bean. Use organic beans, lentils and seeds whenever possible and rinse your sprouts twice a day in fresh, cold water.

Sprouted seeds can be added raw to salads, sandwiches and sprinkled onto soups or noodles. The larger sprouted seeds such as chickpea, aduki and snow pea, can be stir-fried quickly towards the end of cooking.

So, why not get germinating now! Here are some recipes to get you started…

Alfalfa - Crunchy Vegetable and Alfalfa Sprout Wraps (via

Chickpeas - Raw "Cheesy" Kale and Sprouted Chickpea Salad (via

Lentils - Quinoa, Lentil Sprout and Arugula Salad (via

Quinoa - Sprouted Quinoa Black Bean Burgers with Pineapple Salsa (via

Snow Peas - Chicken, Tomato and Snow Pea Sprout Pasta (via

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