It’s easy to incorporate chia seeds into your daily diet! Add to smoothies, sprinkle over cereals, use to thicken desserts or simply eat by the handful.

Chia Seeds form a gel when wet.

The secret of chia seeds is that once moistened, they form a thick gel which bulks up meals and makes them more substantial. Add to smoothies, sprinkle over breakfast cereals. Meals become more filling and more satisfying – without adding significant calories!

Try this chia and flax smoothie made with chia seeds, flax seeds, almond milk and lucuma.

Use in Smoothies (via

Chia seeds will thicken any smoothie.
This simple recipe combines spinach, banana, mango, chia seeds and almond milk for a super filling breakfast smoothie!


Use in baking (via

Chia seeds can be used as a direct substitute for eggs in some baking recipes! This recipe combines chia seeds, almond milk, cinnamon and peanut butter to create these delicious fluffy vegan pancakes! Check out the full recipe here…

Use Chia Seeds to make jam! (via

That is right – chia seeds can be used as a direct substitute to pectin! This blueberry chia jam comes together in about 2 minutes and uses no refined sugar or pectin. Better still it is PACKED with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals! Have a look at the full recipe here…

Create your own healthy energy drink! (via

Forget sugary-laden energy drinks. These green tea and chia seeds energy drink will provide the perfect pre-work out boost!

Make into Puddings! (via

When you add chia seeds to water they create a gel. This gel is the perfect base to create puddings! It allows you to create a creamy texture without adding milk or gelatin! Check out this amazing chocolate pudding recipe!

Simply eat by the handful!

Eat a handful of chia seeds before running or exercising – they make a filling snack!

If you eat chia seeds on their own, always accompany them with a glass of water for best results.

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