Get a good breakfast down you! Making small changes to your diet and exercise routine can have big positive impacts on your overall health and well-being. Here we have seven day’s worth of breakfast recipes for you to try.

Here is a selection of smoothies, porridge and pancakes that will help you kick start your day. Remember, little changes can make a big difference!

Monday - Maple Cinnamon Chia Porridge (via

This overnight porridge recipe is suitable for those on a gluten-free and grain-free diet! Make sure you stock up on your chia seeds!

Tuesday - Choco Breakfast Smoothie

This filling smoothie has a rich chocolatey flavour and is packed full of essential dietary fibre! Make sure you stock up on prunes, cacao and oatmeal! This recipe makes enough for 2-4 people! Check out the full recipe here

Wednesday - Sweet ‘n’ Nutty Millet Porridge

Filling, yet easily digested Porridge! A naturally gluten-free, smooth porridge. Millet is often used in baby porridge blends since it is both easy to digest and has a mild natural sweetness.

Thursday - Blueberry & Almond Smoothie

This smoothie is packed with protein-rich almond Butter and almond milk as well as antioxidant-rich blueberry powder! Check out the full recipe here

Friday - On-the-Go Blueberry Muffins

These ‘Scoffins’ are a mix between a muffin and a scone. They make a great on-the-go breakfast and are free from cane sugar. We used a mixture of rice flour, rice bran and ground almonds combined with fresh blueberries and other healthy supplies ingredients to create these. See our full recipe here…

Saturday - Healthier Honey Nut Cornflakes

To make healthier Honey Nut Cornflakes, simply fill your bowl with cornflakes and sprinkle on some almond slivers and white mulberries. The combination is naturally very sweet, crunchy and chewy and fills you up nicely before the day begins.

Sunday - Hazelnut & Maple Syrup Pancakes-

These thicker, Scotch style pancakes are extremely easy to make thanks to the self-raising Flour and the use of millet amazake. Even if you are not avoiding dairy or gluten you won’t notice the difference with these pancakes. You don’t need eggs to add volume or flavour. The amazake adds a natural sweetness to the batter mix and the slightly malted flavour sits well with the taste of maple syrup.