High-Antioxidant Fruits


Goji Berries (Dried)

Goji Berries are the source of a lot of media attention, because they are considered to be very good for you. This is due to their high content of a lot of useful nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Goji Berries have a high vitamin C content, even when dried.

Cranberries (Dried)

The cranberry is an incredibly sour fruit, and is rarely eaten fresh on its own. We supply a range of dried cranberries, including snackable sweetened ones, pure cranberries, and cranberry powder.

Blueberries (Dried)

Dried Blueberries go very small when they are dried, which surprises many people. They have a tangy flavour. We supply a range of dried blueberries, including pure, unsweetened ones.


The acai berry is quite trendy at the moment, but there is some merit amidst the hype. Acai berries are not actually available in this country, but juices and extracts are.


Pomegranate in dried and juice form. As well being known for their antioxidant power, pomegranates have been shown in studies to help improve blood flow.

Prunes (Dried)

Prunes are dried plums of particular plum species. Prunes are one of the highest-fibre fruits and are available in pre-soaked form as well as dry form. Preservative-free options available.

Sultanas, Raisins & Currants (Dried)

Sultanas, raisins and currants are all types of dried grape. Sultanas are a distinctive group, but currants and raisins are rather similar.
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