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 Healthy Supplies is an online supplier of healthy foods. We are based in Lancing, West Sussex, UK and can ship to anywhere within the UK and most international destinations.

Why we created Healthy Supplies

Healthy Supplies was set up by Brendan and Caroline Fernandes. We are both quite healthy eaters and reasonably into fitness, though not to the point of obsession. However, over the years we have become increasingly frustrated with the range of products that is available in the normal shops and supermarkets. The supermarkets tend to be geared towards the more mainstream foods, and tend to lack depth for those with an interest in healthy eating. Specialist health food shops do exist, but tend to push faddish products that are not necessarily helpful, and often exaggerate a lot about the health benefits of their products.

In 2009 we decided to do something about this, and set up Healthy Supplies. We sell the types of products that we buy ourselves. It's quite simple really!

We tackle health from a balanced viewpoint, and advocate a diverse diet and regular physical activity. We encourage people to enjoy life, and believe that healthy food should also be exciting, and not feel like a sacrifice. To this end we provide a wide range of products - click here to read about the rationale behind our product range.

Our Aims

Our aims are as follows:
  • We understand the products that we sell: We choose each product carefully, and only sell what we would buy ourselves. Every product is hand-picked and evaluated by Brendan and Caroline Fernandes, and we try to sample as many of the products as we can afford to.
  • Honesty: We never make exaggerated claims, or pretend that something is in stock when it isn't.
  • Outstanding customer service and support: We are reliable. We answer our emails quickly and always inform you if there are any potential delays or problems with your order. If you have any problems, we deal with them intelligently and by mutual discussion, rather than reading from a script.
  • No preachiness or politics: We won't preach to you, moralise or expect you to buy into a particular philosophy. We'll just supply you with healthy stuff, together with practical information and advice.
  • No fads: We don't jump on the latest fads. All of the advice and products on our pages is very matter-of-fact, and not based on any new or wacky theories.
  • We welcome newcomers: We aim to provide helpful information on our site, based on our own experiences with the products where possible. If you need advice, do email us and we will help you as much as we can. We always reply with proper advice rather than stock answers!
Healthy Supplies are unique. We're not aiming to become the biggest health food retailer: we're aiming to offer a selection of products that we ourselves believe in, and would like you to try. This is our main reason for existing! In addition, we offer excellent and honest customer service, all at a price that is affordable for everybody.

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