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Product Recommendations

Super Seeds Pumpkin & Sunflower, Gluten-Free 40g (9Bar)
Super Seeds Original Carob & Hemp Seed, Gluten-Free 40g (9Bar)
Super Seeds Peanut & Pumpkin Bar, Gluten-Free 40g (9bar)
Protein Bar - Organic Food Bar 70g
Vegan Texas BBQ Jerky Strips 28g (Primal Spirit)
Silken Tofu [Firm] 349g (Mori-Nu)
Coconut Chocolate Chip Snack Bar 42g (Rhythm 108)
Cranberry & Mandarin Raw Chocolate Bar 35g (Ombar)
Vegan Hot Spicy Jerky Strips 28g (Primal Spirit)
Vegan Hickory Smoked Jerky Strips 28g (Primal Spirit)
Barley Flakes, Organic 500g (Infinity Foods)
Almond & Raisin Raw Choc Brownie 35g (Pulsin')

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