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Price: 2.49 (or buy 3 or more for 2.37 each)
Product Code: CCN03

Coconut Water - Dr Antonio Martin's Coco Juice, Organic 500ml

Price: 2.49 (or buy 3 or more for 2.37 each)
Product Code: CCN03
This coconut water has an incredibly unique taste, because it is taken from young green coconuts. It has a more complex, slightly less sweet taste than Vita Coco, with a more striking "coconutty" flavour. It is a favourite of many coconut water connoisseurs, though some prefer the Vita Coco. See our main coconut water page for more of a comparison.

Dr Antonio Martin's Coco Juice is simply pure coconut water, with no added ingredients. However, it is kept fresh because the manufacturers use a completely enclosed packaging process that ensures that the juice never comes into contact with light or air. This means that when you open the carton, the juice is as fresh as the day the coconut was picked. This sounds like blurb, but actually happens to be true - and you can taste the difference.

In addition, this juice is taken from green coconuts, which are fresh and young, rather than the mature coconuts that other coconut water is made from. It makes this particular product very distinctive.


100% Coconut Juice. Organically grown from green coconuts on controlled organic farms.

This is actual juice and not from concentrate.

No preservatives of any kind. Refrigerate after opening.

Nutritional Information

Valuesper 100mlper 500ml carton
Energy24 calories120 calories
Magnesium25mg (8.3% RDA)125mg (41.7% RDA)
Calcium24mg (3.0% RDA)120mg (15% RDA)
Vitamin C2.4ng (4.0% RDA)12mg (20% RDA)
Vitamin B20.057mg (3.6% RDA)0.285mg (18.8% RDA)

OrganicWheat-freeDoes not naturally contain glutenVegetarian, VeganDairy-free.

Price: 2.49 (or buy 3 or more for 2.37 each)
Product Code: CCN03

Main Page  >  Nuts  >  Coconut  >  Coconut Water - Dr Antonio Martin's Coco Juice, Organic 500ml

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