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Biona have created a huge range of organic, high quality, sweet and savoury food. The ingredients Biona work with have been grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or using genetically modified foods. Additionally, Biona ensure their harvests use sustainable farming methods and do not over work the land.

The Biona range is 100% natural, tasty and suitable for vegetarians. The types of food they provide include breads, pasta, rice, grains, cereals, fruit, juices and condiments.

Biona Fruit

Biona offers both naturally dried and naturally preserved fuits. The methods Biona used to prepare their fruit does not involve chemicals or artificial preservatives.

Biona Cereals & Grains

Interesting breakfast and cooking ideas that are completely organic and ethically harvested.

Biona Rice & Rice Cakes

Long grain, Jasmine and Risotto rice, interesting and nutty flavours to compliment all sorts of saucy or spicy dishes. Also here, you can find Biona's rice cakes, made from puffed rice - a perfect nibble with a dip or a spread.

Biona Pasta

The pasta and spaghetti made by Biona contain wholegrain flour and spring water. These pastas are naturally high in fibre and more satisfying than refined, white pasta. These pastas are made from durum wheat or spelt (not gluten free).

Biona Syrups & Honey

Sweeteners derived from nature. Biona produce two light syrups; agave nectar (from the agave plant) and rice syrup, both of which are runny like clear honey. They can be used to sweeten drinks, cooking and baking or drizzled over fruit and desserts.

Biona Drinks

Natural and pure drinks containing no additives, preservatives or chemical enhancers...and of course, they're organic.

Biona Condiments & Cooking Ingredients

Organic and natural sauces and condiments made by Biona. Currently, we supply the horseradish wasabi paste which makes a hot, tingly sauce. Watch this space, there's more to come!

Biona Bread

Breads made from rye, millet and buckwheat packed with crunchy seeds and flavour.


Main Page  >  Features  >  Top Brands  >  Biona


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